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Punjab, the name derived from the Persian words, Punj (five) and ab (water) was a land of five rivers which formed part of Indus Basin till 1947. After partition of the country, Indus water Treaty-1960 restricted India's rights of usage to only three Eastern rivers (Sutlej, Ravi and Beas), the three Western rivers (Indus, Chenab and Jhelum) were earmarked for exclusive usage of Pakistan. Punjab does have a very well developed and interlinked river system and widespread 14500 kms long Canal Systems.

Water is most essential natural resource next to the air, a basic human need and the most important input for all human development activities and, perhaps, very precious and scarce natural resource. Efforts need to be made to develop, plan, conserve, utilize and manage this important resource, both surface and ground water, in a judicious, equitable, sustainable and sound economic manner.


Sr. No. Notification Name/Notification Number
1 Inviting of Quotations for installation of 700m deep piezometers/ borewells in the State of Punjab under National Hydrology Project. ( Format : PDF , Size : 820.54 KB, Language : English )
2 Addendum to notice inviting quotations dated 14.07.2021 for supply installation, integration etc. of GPS System ( Format : PDF , Size : 171.98 KB, Language : English )
3 Notice for inviting quotation for supply installation, integration etc. of GPS system ( Format : PDF , Size : 1.19 MB, Language : English )
4 Notice Inviting Quotations, for AMC of Photostat Machines - Water Resources Department Punjab dated 13-05-2021. ( Format : PDF , Size : 491.87 KB, Language : English )
5 Notice Inviting Quotations, for AMC of Computer Printers - Water Resources Department Punjab dated 13-05-2021 ( Format : PDF , Size : 515.5 KB, Language : English )
6 Notice Inviting Quotations Bid No. 001/R dated 29-12-2020 ( Format : PDF , Size : 628.46 KB, Language : English )
7 Notice Inviting Quotation Bid no. 213/NHP/17A dated 3.9.2020 ( Format : PDF , Size : 1.31 MB, Language : English )

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