SPKD Administration


The Shahpur Kandi Dam design office is headed by the Chief Engineer, SPKD.  He is assisted by XEN/PD and other supporting staff.  This office is composed of two entities:

  1. Dam Design Directorate
  2. Hydel Designs Organization


This office is headed by a Director assisted by a team of Senior Design Engineers and Assistant Design Engineers.  They are entrusted with detailed design and preparation of drawings for overflow section of the concrete dam.  The office is under administrative control of  R.S.D.D., Chandigarh.


Hydel Designs Organization has been set up for planning, design and issue of drawings for construction of various Hydel Projects in the state. The Projects whose design/drawings work has been successfully executed by this Organization are the  Anandpur Sahib Hydel project, UBDC Stage I & II and Mukerian Hydel Project. All design problems regarding operation and maintenance of these Projects have been successfully tackled as and when referred to this Organization for solution. This organization has been working on functional basis maintaining continuity since its  inception  in 1961. Presently the major assignment being handled in this organization is the design/drawings work of Shahpurkandi Dam Project

The Civil, Mechanical & Electrical design/drawing work of Head Regulator on the left bank of the proposed dam i.e. Shahpurkandi Channel Head Regulator has been carried out and many drawings in this regard have been issued to the field for construction. Civil/Mechanical work relating to Hydel Channel, Head Regulator, bridges, cross drainage works, appurtenant works, and Power Plant design is required to be finalized. In addition to the above, this Organization also deals with preparation of Feasibility Report and Project Report of the planned Hydel Projects like UBDC Stage III, Shahpurkandi Extension Project.


Chief Engineer, Shahpurkandi Design heads the Hydel Designs Organization under whom four Directorates namely Director/AW, Director/PP-II, Director PP-III & Director Mech. & Elect. are working.  Each Directorate is headed by a Director in the rank of Superintending Engineer under whose able guidance Senior Design Engineers and Assistant Design Engineers are working. Administration matters are being looked into by Senior Design Engineer/Hydel Admn. . This  Organization has been equipped with a small computer section provided with latest design softwares.  A centralized Design record of this Organization has a vast wealth of drawings and design computations of Hydro Electric Projects designed by this Organization.

Anandpur Sahib Hydel Channel takes off from the left bank of River Sutlej and upstream of Head regulator for Nangal Hydel Channel. Capacity of Hydel Channel                 8340 cusecs
          Length of  channel                            21.66  Kms.
          No. of Power plants.                          2 Nos.
          Installed capacity                              2 nos. of 27.5 MW each
                                                                Power House.
          Total installed capacity                       55x2=110 MW.    

Mukerian Hydel Channel takes off from Shah Nahar barrage situated downstream of Pong Dam at Talwara and outfalling into Langarpur Choe near Uchi Bassi on Jalandhar Pathankot Road and ultimately discharging into River Beas. 

Capacity of Hydel Channel              11500 Cs.
Length                                           33 kms.
Power plant                                   4 No. Power plants
nstalled capacity                            3 units of 15 MW each of PH I & II
                                                    3 Unit of 19.5 MW each at PH
                                                    -III & IV.
Total installed capacity                    207 MW

Shahpurkandi Dam project is proposed to be executed on River Ravi about 11 Km downstream of Ranjit Sagar Dam. A concrete dam is proposed which will be 54.5 meter high above the deepest  foundation level and 34.5 m.  high above the average  river bed.

a)      Capacity of Hydel Channel                 385m3+10% of extra carrying capacity
b)      Length                                             7.7 Kms.
c)       Power plant                                     Ph I & PH II & a Mini Unit
d)      Installed capacity                               PH-I  3 unit of 33 MW each
                                                                PH-II 3 unit of 33 MW each
                                                                Mini Unit of 8 MW
e)       Total Installed capacity                      206 MW.
UBDC PROJECT STAGE-II :  UBDC Hydel Channel stage III is offtaking at RD 65000 ft. of  UBDC Main Canal.
i)        Capacity of the Channel                     375 cs.
ii)       Length of Channel                              8700mts.
iii)      Power Plant                                        2 No. RD 8700 on UBDC  Hydel Channel Stage-II
                                                                  RD 900m UBDC Scope Channel
iv)      Installed capacity                               PH-3Unit of 15 MW each
                                                                  PH- 2 Unit of 15 MW each
v)       Total Installed capacity                       75 MW