Planning Administration

About us :-

The basic duty of   Planning Administration is to prepare Annual Plan, Five Year   Plan of all the Plan Schemes of Irrigation Department of Punjab.  The secondary duties are to investigate / prepare  physical Project Report / Estimate, to  investigate  and  formulate Irrigation   Hydel Generation Schemes and to make a systematic evaluation   of the completed      projects and to evolve suitable guidelines for planning of new  projects  as well     as for   improvement of Projects already in operation and Chief Engineer / Planning is also working as Chairman of Punjab Condemnation Board. Two branches  under the control of  Chief Engineer, Planning i.e. Planning  & Project Co-Ordination Branch (H.O.) to handle the quantum of Planning / Project   Co-Ordination   work  mentioned above, presently comprises of: 2 Executive Engineers, 2 A.D.E s and some Drawing and Clerical staff at Chandigarh and One Executive Engineer & One Astt. Design Engineer attached with KAD Administration  (H.O.).

The Planning Administration has three Cells:
i)          Project Circle.
ii)         Evaluation Directorate.
iii)        Project coordination.


In this office, the staff carry out investigation of Hydel Schemes in the State and formulation of their Project Report for getting approval of various authorities including Central Water Commission., Central Electricity Authority, Ground Water Board, Govt. of India ,  New Delhi.

 At present this office prepare/ investigate feasibility reports etc.of the following Project:-

            1.         Mukerian Hydel Channel Stage- III.
            2.         UBDC Hydel Channel Stage-III.
            3.         Mukerian Hydel Channel StageIV.
Presently in the Circle Office, there are three divisions i.e. Project Division No.I, Mohali, Project Division, No.2, Chandigarh (Presently attached with Drainage Circle, Gidderwaha.) and Hydel Project Division, Amritsar, along with allied staff.


i) Review of the Engineering aspects of design and structure of Irrigation Works.

ii) Administrative problems of execution and implementation of the Irrigation Projects.

iii) Agricultural problems of utilization of Irrigation facilities especially in their bearing on cropping pattern, Water requirements of crops, water utilization  etc.

iv) Analysis of costs vis-à-vis actual and expected benefits.

v) Study of agro-economic, socio-economic and Environments impact of Irrigation and Drainage Projects.

vi)  Up – dating Evaluation study of Kandi Canal Stage - I under extension and improvement of Shah Nehar Canal System (World Bank Aided Project) costing 126.84 Crore.

vii) Up- dating Evaluatyion study of 9 No. Low Dams i.e. Dholbaha Maili, Januari Damsal , Chohal Perch, Saleran, Siswan and Mirzapur ion Kandi Area of Project Punjab under Dholbaha Dam Construction Circle costing 98 Crore.

viii) Evaluation study of water logging in Southern Districts of Punjab i.e. Faridkot, Ferozepur Mukatsar, Bhatinda and Sangrur( World Bank Aided Project).

ix) Evaluation study of Sarainage Drainage System.

x) Evaluation study of Sodhian Drainage System.

xi) Evaluation study of Ludaninan Drainage System.

Xii) Evaluation study of UBDC Project recently taken as per the Principal Secretary, Govt. of Punjab, order meeting held on 3.8.2005 with Chief Engineer/Planning.

The Evaluation Directorate has to prepare various Evaluation reports from time to time in respect of Projects executed in Punjab State.

To handle the quantum of work mentioned above, the Evaluation Directorate presently comprises of: 1 Director, 2 Executive Engineers, 4 A.D.E s and some Drawing and Clerical staff at Chandigarh.


The Directorate of Project Co-ordination is mainly responsible for the following works:-

  • The Coordination of works between the various organizations of Punjab Govt., World Bank and Central Government.
  • Getting clearance from World Bank of various documents' of ICB and LCB for works and goods on behalf of the various organization of Punjab Government
  • Reimbursement of Claim~ from World Rank and Ministry of economics affairs of Central Government of the Works executed by Punjab Government.
  • Monitoring the progress of various components of Punjab Irrigation and Drainage Project Phase- II & Phase- III.
  • To monitor the progress of various Projects under Bharat Nirman Programme for bringing one Crore Hectare under assured Irrigation during the period 2005-09 and Punjab Nirman Programme.
  • Other connected work.

This Directorate is also entrusted with the work to coordinate the progress of these projects submitted to the Central Water Commission & to get the reimbursement claims and clearance of Audit objections etc.