Sample tender format for publication


As Per Government of Punjab (Irrigation Department) Endst.No.10/105/2017-IW(2)/1011055 dt.28-06-2017 Sh.H.S. Mendiratta, Executive Engineer Stores Procurement Division has been given the charge of Nodal Officer for the E-Tendering for the department of Water Resources. All concerned please note.

Email : pbirr.etendering@gmail.com

Important Notifications Tender/Auction Notices
  1. Instructions Regarding Implementation of E-Tendering System in Irrigation Department
  2. Regarding meeting dated 24-09-2014 about cooperative labour and construction society
  3. Enlistment of sh.Narinderjit dated 18-12-2015
  4. Enlistment of sh.Gurjit Singh S/o Sh. Anokh Singh dated 18-01-2016
  5. Minutes of Meeting held on 15th Oct. 2015 Under the Charmanship of Chief Secretary,Punjab regarding issuance of instructions in Tendering Process.
  6. Regarding establishment of Supreme Tender Opening Authority(STOA) in Irrigation Department Punjab.
  7. Enlistment of Chaudary & Sons Co. dated 30-03-2016
  8. Cancellation of Enlistment of M/S Creative builders.
  9. Regarding issuance of Class III Digital signature certificates (DSCs) to employees of Government of Punjab.
  10. Surplus General Stores and H.E.M spare parts items (old but unused) to be disposed of by Ranjit Sagar Dam Project Administration.
  11. Surplus Reinforcement and Structural Steel items (old but unused) to be disposed of by Ranjit Sagar Dam Project Administration.
  12. Deposit of non refundable fees in Government Treasury
  13. Regarding unpaid Demand Drafts in respect of Form fee
  14. Regarding Financial opening and Award of Contract (AOC) on E-proc website
  15. Regarding Financial opening and Award of Contract (AOC) on E-proc website.
  16. Regarding unpaid Demand Drafts in respect of Form fee
  17. Regarding posting of Er. J.K. Arya at Nodal officer dt 01-10-2018
  18. Notice Inviting expression of intrest( EoI) for Relining of Rajasthan Feeder and Sirhind Feeder Canal.
  19. Regarding Recalling and Rescheduling of Tenders (E-tendering No. 02/22A/2019-20 dated 24-06-2019)
  20. Corrigendum-1 for E-tendering Notice No. 1/RSD/WORKSHOP/2019
  21. E-tendering Notice No.3/ 6 A NIT, Dated 14.08.2019
  22. Corrigendum-1 regarding E-tendering No. 7/2019-20 dated 14-08-2019
  23. Terms and Conditions for Auction of Fishery Rights in the RSD-Reservoir area falling in Punjab State for the period of 15.09.2019 to 14.09.2020.
  24. Regarding Disposal Of Railway Line from Sujanpur to Jugial ( Ranjit Sagar Dam Administration )
  25. Regarding Date and Time of opening of Tender ( Tendering Notice No. 1/RSD/WORKSHOP/2019)
  26. Instructions regarding Enlistment of Contractors in the Water Resources Department (WRD), Punjab 2019
  27. Regarding cancellation of Tender notice No. 1/RSD/WORKSHOP/2019
  28. Corrigendum No. 1 to tender No. 02/2019 36-B dated 27-09-2019
  29. Regarding Cancellation of works related to NIT No. 1139/25-M dated 28-03-2019
  30. Regarding Cancellation of works related to 2052/25-M
  31. Corrigendum-2 Tender Reference no. 6038/28-A dated 13.11.2019
  32. Corrigendum No. 03 related to 6490/28-A dated 25-11-2019
  33. Corrigendum No. 10 related to 4301/28-A dated 11-09-2019
  34. Corrigendum-1 related to E-tender No. 03/22A/2019-20 dated 31-12-2019
  35. Corrigendum No. 2 related to 5/24-A Recalling vide E tender No. 6/24-A
  36. Corrigendum No.3 dated 23-01-2020 for E-tendering No. 6
  37. Corrigendum No. 4 dated 03-02-2020 for tender notice no. 06/24-a
  38. Corrigendum-5 dated 26-5-2020 regarding e- tender- 02/2020-21
  39. Corrigendum-6 dated 26-5-2020 regarding e-tender 01/2020-21
  1. E-tendering Notice No.2390/6A tender dated 01-10-2020
  2. E.tender no. 4898/28-A dated 8-9-2020
  3. E-tender No. 39/8-A dated 20.8.2020
  4. E-tender No. 4898/28-A dated 8.9.2020
  5. NIT no. 02/2019-20 Dated 7.9.2020
  6. E-tender No. 2655/10-A/2020-21 dated 31-7-2020
  7. E. tender no. 1928/25A dated 13-7-2020
  8. E tender no. 1503-1/S
  9. E-tender notice no. 6-SPKD/store and disposal/2020
  10. E-tender notice no. 886/6-A/tender/2020 dated 6-5-2020
  11. E-tender no. 8/Rajasthan/Fzr/2019-20 dated 17-03-2020
  12. E-tendering notice no. 1503 dated 15-6-2020
  13. E-tendering notice no. 811/6-A/tender/2020 dated 27-4-2020
  14. E-tendering notice no. 9/24A dated 27-5-2020
  15. E-Tendering Notice No. 02/22A/2020-21 dated 27-5-2020
  16. E-tendering notice 02/2020-21 dated 7-5-2020
  17. E-tendering Notice No. 2/2020-21 dated 01-05-2020
  18. E-tendering Notice No. 1/2020-21 dated 27-04-2020
  19. E-tender Notice No. 08/2019-20 dated 09-03-2020
  20. E-Tender Notice No. 747/10-A/2019-20, Dated 14-02-2020
  21. E-Tender Notice No. 07/24-A, Dated 18-02-2020
  22. E-tender No. 05/24 A dated 14-01-2020
  23. E-Tender No. 6885/28-A/ Dated 18-12-2019
  24. E-Tender No. 03/22A/2019-20 Dated 31-12-2019
  25. E-Tender Notice No. 03/110-A dated 13.12.2019