Canal Administration

Project for rehabilitation of Ist Patiala Feeder and Kotla Branch:-

A. Project for rehabilitation of Ist Patiala Feeder and Kotla Branch:-

The share of Punjab from Ravi and Beas is fully utilized by Punjab while Punjab is not utilizing full available share out of river Sutlej. The share of Punjab from Sutlej water is about 57%. As the unutilized water is again distributed next year among partner States, the State of Punjab is losing 43% of unutilized water which can be exclusively used by Punjab. The Sutlej water is mainly carried to the field by Sirhind Canal system and Bhakra Main Line System. The Sirhind Canal has its authorized discharge capacity of 12620 Cs but it is seen that this Canal has never run with discharge more than 11500 Cs. because the system downstream Sirhind Canal cannot take discharge more than 11500 Cs.

Keeping in view the above facts , Canal Administration has prepared the Project for rehabilitation of Ist Patiala Feeder & Kotla Branch by increasing its capacity by 20/10% costing Rs. 199.39 Crores so that the State of Punjab may use its full share of available water which shall result in increase of foodgrain production in Punjab .

Ist. Patiala Feeder could carry a discharge of only 3600 Cs. against authorized discharge of 4010 Cs. . Rehabilitation of Ist Patiala Feeder has been completed during February 2008 and its capacity has been enhanced to 4914 Cs. Similarly Kotla Branch carries only 2550 Cs. against authorized discharge of 3018 Cs. After rehabilitation the capacity of Kotla Branch shall increase to 3304 Cs. The rehabilitation of Kotla Branch has been completed in a length of 37 Kms. during Oct. 2008 . The balance work of rehabilitation in a length of 93 Kms is proposed to be executed during closure of the Canal in January 2015.

The Project is being funded under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme of Govt. of India . Govt. of India is to provide grant of Rs. 45.00 Crores whereas, the balance Rs. 135.00 Crores are to be provided by the State. An expenditure of Rs. 120.09 Crore has already been incurred on the Project as on 31.03.2012.

After the completion of the Project, the existing area of 265485 hectare shall get better Irrigation facilities and an additional area of 68624 hectare shall be brought under Command . The Project shall benefit agricultural land located in District Patiala , Sangrur, Mansa, Bathinda, Fatehgarh Sahib etc.

B. Conversion of Banur canal from Non perennial to perennial.

At present Banur Canal is non-Perennial channel. It is proposed to make it perennial by constructing suitable diversion in river Ghaggar near the existing off take point of Banur Canal.

The existing designed capacity of Banur Canal at its Head is 102 Cs. It is proposed to increase the capacity to 130 cs. without any increase in water allowance which is 2.83 cs per thousand acres.

The Project for converting Banur Canal System from non-perennial to perennial costing Rs. 58.15 Crores has been approved by NABARD . NABARD share is Rs. 45.56 Crore & State Share is Rs. 12.59 Crores. Revised project cost is Rs. 87.14 Crores.

The work of main component of the project i.e. construction of weir across river Ghaggar is under execution and is proposed to be completed during the year 2015.

After the completion of the project, about 15,798 Hectare of Agricultural land of 82 villages in district Patiala and Mohali shall be provided better irrigation facilities.

C. Rehabilitation/ Remodeling/ Construction/ Extension of distributaries and Minors:-

Under this scheme remodeling/ construction of Distributories and minors will be under taken to enhance their carrying capacity which with the passage of time has been reduced due to various reason, like increase in co-efficient of rugosity in the various distributories/ Minors. For optimum utilization of the available surface water through the canal network, an efficient and well maintained canal system is of utmost importance. Punjab has made tremendous progress in development of canal network, which presently comprises of about 14500 Km of canals/ distributories/ Minors for utilizing existing water resources. In the 10th plan, an expenditure incurred was Rs. 34556.00 lacs. In the Annual Plan 2013-14 the expenditure incurred was Rs. 6764.00 lacs .

The details of projects completed during 2013-14:-
Sr. No. Name of Project Estimated Cost
(Rs in Lacs)
1 Works o Phul disty /Jhaduke Mr. and escape channel 142.95
2 Raising/ Rehabilitation of Bilewal Minor RD 0-48500 254.30
3 Reconstruction of Mahmood Khera Minor RD 0-6600/6000. 31.75
4 Reconstruction of PhulluKhera Minor RD 0-23616. 147.53
5 Reconstruction of Rasulpur Minor RD 0-14506. 93.24
6 Project estimate for rehabilitation (Conversion cup shape to tropizodical) of Ditch channel (RD 0 to 40825) 578.27
7 Modernization of Mohorana Disty 624.69
8 Shifting alignment of Doda disty RD 22000-54900 430.47
9 Rehabilitation of Mohalgwara disty system 923.56
10 Rehabilitation of Jalandhar Disty. 739.67
11 Rehabilitation of 3rd Patiala Feeder 1285.03
12 Rehabilitation of Barnala Disty. System and Handiaya Minor offtaking from Barnala Disty. 410.00
13 Project estimate for rehabilitation link channel RD 0-17590 and 2 L minor RD 2725-17078 289.93
14 Rehabilitation of Midha Minor RD 0-31315 300.87
15 Project Estimate for Karampatti Mr.RD0-29048 and Extension from RD29048-30250 241.89
16 Rehabilitation of Bhunder Minor. 211.62
17 Reconstruction of New lined Pitho minor. 106.05
18 Rehabilitation of Tungwali minor 161.81
19 Construction of lined Saidewala branch 230.95
20 Reconstruction of new Khudal minor 229.46
21 Rehabilitation of Biroke Branch 65.10
22 Strengthening Banks of Kulrian branch of Boha Disty. 15.59
23 Reconstruction of Kishangarh Branch. 27.65
24 Reconstruction /Remodeling of Joga disty RD.74120-114980 tail 2300.00
25 Reconstruction/Remodeling of Mandi Minor 0-92356 off taking at RD 74120/R of Joga disty and its sub minor No. 1,2,3, Choke minor and Khokar sub minor 1996.53
26 Extension of Bhana minor RD 10490 to 16930 155.00
27 Reconstruction of Thathi Bhai Disty. 49.50
28 Shifting alignment of Doda disty RD 22000-54900 430.47
29 Raising the Bed of Doda Disty. RD 0-43222 to Maintain Full Supply 130.36
30 Constructing V.R. Bridge RD 3800 of Malwal Minor 6.44
31 Rehabilitation of Sehna Disty. system off taking RD 180050/L Bathinda Branch. 178.02
32 Rehabilitation of Maholi Minor 68.70
33 Laying underground water pipe line for disposal of surplus water Laduka disty from tail into Mauzam Drain 116.58
34 Providing pipe line in water course , outlet RD 538900/R Abohar Branch village Ratakhera. 122.43
35 Enhancing capacity of Faridkot water course 258.54
Total= 13354.95 (134 crore)