Canal Administration

Canal Act.

The issues regarding application of water for public purposes, construction and maintenance of works, supply of water for irrigation, water rates, recovery of charges, penalty for offences under the Act are covered under it. Under the Act, the Deputy collector can order use or distribution of water and settle differences as to mutal rights and liabilities of persons interested in the water course. Thus warabandi at outlet level is settled under the Act. Following offences are punishable under the Act.

Whoever, without proper authority and voluntarily, does any of the acts following that is to say:-

  1. Damages, alters, enlarges or obstructs any canal or drainage work.
  2. Interferes with, increases or diminishes the supply of water in, or the flow of water from, through,over or under, any canal or drainage work.
  3. Interferes with or alters the flow of water in any river or stream so as to endanger, damage or render less useful any canal or drainage work.
  4. Being responsible for the maintenance of a watercourse, or using a watercourse neglects to take proper precautions for the prevention of waste of the water thereof, or interferes with the authorized distribution of the water there from or uses such water in an unauthorized manner.
  5. Corrupts or fouls the water of any canal so as to render it less fit for the purposes for which it is ordinarily used.
  6. Causes any vessel to enter or navigate any canal contrary to the rules for the time being prescribed by the State Government for entering or navigating such canal.
  7. While navigating on any canal neglects to take proper precautions for the safety of canal and of vessels thereon.
  8. Omitted by Punjab Act 14 of 1968.
  9. Destroy or moves any level mark or water gauge fixed by the authority of a public servant.
  10. Passes or causes animals or vehicles to pass on or across any of the works, banks or channels of a canal or drainage work contrary to rules made under this Act, after he has been desired to desist there from.
  11. Violates any rule made under this Act for breach whereof a penalty may be incurred.